Why Columbia Asia Gurgaon Best Hospital For Spinal Diseases treatments?

Why Columbia Asia Gurgaon Best Hospital For Spinal Diseases treatments?

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a life-threatening illness with a significant risk of morbidity and death. It is also one of the most common causes of paralysis. Every fifth Indian between the ages of 20 and 30 suffers from various spine diseases, which were previously only seen in older individuals. The number of young people with spinal issues has increased by 60%. The main cause for the rise in back problems among youths could be sitting in the same position for long periods putting a lot of strain on the back muscles and spinal discs, which may cause various spinal problems in a patient. 

A spinal disorder or malformation can also change the structure of your child’s back, rib cage, shoulders, and hips, causing discomfort and a negative self-image. Early treatment for such disorders is the best possible way to increase the quality of life and get better health outcomes in the future. However, recognizing such disorders and injuries can be a little complicated, but you can notice some common signs and symptoms like –

  • Pain that is either persistent or intermittent, sharp or dull
  • Pain that does not go away when you relax
  • Pain radiating from the lower back down the legs and even to the toes
  • Muscle cramping or tightness in the lower back that persists
  • Tingling or numbness, particularly in the feet & legs
  • Impaired movement due to leg weakness

These symptoms can differ and be severe depending on the type of injury and disorder. The patient must seek prompt medical assistance if any of these symptoms. Various prestigious neurology specialty hospitals in India are pioneers in using high-end technology for surgery and have undergone extensive advanced courses. They provide advanced technology-based treatment for all kinds of spinal disorders, cancers, deformities and work with a team of experts for pain management and physiotherapy.

Best medical center for Spinal Diseases treatments – In the Columbia Asia hospital Gurgaon, a Spine Disorders Centre of Excellence provides comprehensive care. Spine experts at the hospital have extensive expertise and have received training at some of the most prestigious institutions in India and throughout the world. The customized infrastructure has been created to meet patients’ demands and provide them with the greatest possible comfort and efficiency. Individualized, patient-specific management and treatment plans are emphasized in the Columbia Asia hospital Palam vihar Gurgaon. Patients benefit from sophisticated medical diagnostics, therapy, and personal attention that can only be provided in such settings. Consultants practice evidence-based medicine & excellent health techniques, bringing their essential expertise to the table, and they adhere to treatment regimens that have been internationally benchmarked.

To make an accurate diagnosis of spinal issues, you need a lot of experience and cutting-edge technology, which the Columbia Asia hospital Gurgaon’s spine team offers. Neuro physicians, endocrinologists, and physiotherapists are part of the spine consultants’ multidisciplinary team, which works together to ensure that each patient receives a comprehensive treatment plan. These personalized care plans help to ensure that treatment offers at the hospital are as effective as possible.

Also, minimally invasive techniques of Disc prolapse surgery such as keyhole surgery and endoscopic spine surgery (Slipped Disc) are available at Columbia Asia Hospitals Gurgaon that ensure the fastest recovery of patients. Newer technological treatments (such as image-guided minimally invasive spinal instrumentation and fusion) are used to treat degenerative spine disorders such as spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and others. Latest Generation Diagnostic and Imaging facilities, including dynamic digital X-rays, Spiral CT scanning, and MRI, accurately detect all spinal injuries and disorders.

The hospital also offers cutting-edge surgery for spinal degeneration-related diseases widespread in the middle-aged and the older population at Columbia Asia’s spine surgery unit. It is common to do disc replacements, minimally invasive fusions, and extended level spinal decompressions in the office with great outcomes in most cases.

All these facilities and treatment techniques available at Columbia Asia hospital Palam vihar Gurgaon make it the preferred best center for all Spinal Diseases and neurology treatments in the city among patients. 

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