The Research Found that It Is Very Important For The Physical And Mental Health Of Students To Spend Time With These Animals

In modern times, there are stresses in the college, students are under the pressure of classes, examinations and so on. Researchers have recently discovered in research that raising a dog or cat can improve the mood of the students, as well as their physical effects that relieve stress. According to a study published in the journal AERA Open, several universities have run ‘Stomach Your Stress Away’ program, where students can come and talk to dogs and cats, play with them.

Associate Professor Patricia Pendry at Washington State University said, “There can be significant impact by just ten minutes.” In our study, the students who spent time with dogs and cats found a significant reduction in cortisol hormone. Harmon. “

In this study, 249 college students were included, who were divided into four groups. The first group of these were given to spend ten minutes of time with dogs and cats. It was found in the test that after the meeting, students who had captured animals, their saliva was found to be very low in cortisol.

Pendry says that we just wanted to see if such activity reduces stress or not and this has reduced stress. This is very exciting because it may be possible to bring significant benefits to physical and mental health with a decrease in stress hormone soon.

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