Some of the IELTS Preparation Tips and Tricks

Indian students preparing for the IELTS exam should know that it is a highly competitive exam. Many candidates apply for both Academic and General IELTS tests. These also include numerous first-timers.Therefore, examinees can benefit a lot from the following useful tips and tricks:

  • Writing

Examinees should avoid spoken English while writing. It is one of the biggest mistakes that most first-timers make. Also, complete the second task before attempting the first one because it carries more marks.

Besides this, make sure that the sentences don’t have repetitive words, synonyms, and fragmentation. Also, physical test takers must make sure that they have neat, tidy, and legible writing.

Examiners don’t appreciate long sentences or paragraphs as it diminishes the attention span. Therefore, try to write crisp and relevant answers. Also, try to write the answers in the active voice.

  • Speaking

The most important aspect of this section is to listen carefully. Ask the examiner to clarify or repeat the question before proceeding towards answering. Also, all candidates must avoid answers in which they become uncertain.

IELTS General candidates should relax while answering the questions asked by the interviewer. The examiner would provide the best possible marks because it serves relocation. On the other hand, IELTS Academic candidates should stay alert.

Candidates appearing for IELTS Academic have applied for an English speaking university, college, institute, or organization. Therefore, examinees with higher marks would have higher chances of enrolling. 

A few methods to improve spoken English include reading aloud, everyday communication in the language, participating in debates, reciting, enacting, etc. 

  • Reading

Examinees should underline keywords before reading the content. Candidates should also read all questions carefully and skip unanswerable ones for the time being. Time management becomes crucial in the reading section.

Therefore, candidates must focus on answerable questions before proceeding towards challenging ones. Many first-time physical test-takers often write answers on the exam paper and fail to transfer them on the solution paper. Therefore, candidates must avoid such practices.

Proofread before submitting answers for the reading section. It will help to assure spelling, grammar, punctuations, comprehension, etc.

  • Listening

Skimming questions is the most critical aspect of the listening section. Candidates should ask for assistance if they incur hearing issues while listening to the recordings. Paying attention to old recordings, song lyrics, pitch, pronunciation, etc., can become useful preparation methods for this section.

Some of the other best practices to improve listening skills are watching English TV shows, news, talent shows, interviews, etc. Paying attention to English communication during podcasts and radio telecasts would also prove useful.

Additionally, examinees should listen to available audios of previous year’s exams, pay attention to pronunciation rules, and communicate daily. These practices would help in becoming confident in the English listening section.

Besides these practices for each section, examinees can avail the benefits of IELTS apps. The best app for IELTS preparation is Simpli English. However, users can even opt for BBC Learning English, IELTS Prep, IELTS Word Ready, etc.

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