Best cancer hospital in India providing advanced treatment options

Lifestyle change has increased the early occurrence and lesser control of infectious & non-communicable diseases. As a result, the development of significant health problems has gained variation and complexity world-wide. After cardiac diseases, cancer has arisen as a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in India. The condition used to be assumed as an epidemic due to lack of awareness of health promotion & disease prevention and lack of early diagnosis and treatment facilities. Cancer diseases occur due to abnormal & unregulated tissue growth that may enter surrounding structures near the origin or spread to distant sites. 

A few common types of cancer in India, like Breast cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer, constitute 49% of all new cancer cases. However, finding the best Cancer hospital in India for the treatment and diagnosis was difficult earlier. 

Now, Various cancer treatment and diagnosis options are available in this era of 21 century as the medical field has emerged with advanced technology and techniques.  Earlier detection of the disease has a significantly higher probability of a successful treatment for a patient. It would be easy to destroy or stop before it starts spreading to other organs and nerves.

Cancer treatments and procedures offered in a cancer hospital in India –  Various treatments are available, depending on the patient’s medical condition and type of cancer. An oncologist or cancer specialist plans treatment based on numerous critical factors, such as the type and stage of cancer, patient’s age, health, and lifestyle. Few are the treatments and procedure for cancer listed below – 

Surgery – The Procedure involves operative removal of the tumor and cancer cells with a margin of healthy tissues. Most of the Cancer hospitals in India have specialized oncology surgeons for each organ system of the body.

Radiotherapy –  The treatment option concerns cancer treatment by X-rays & Gamma-rays from outside the patient’s body using teletherapy or inside by using brachytherapy.

Chemotherapy & targeted therapy – These procedures and treatment options act systemically on the entire body, usually to prevent or tackle disseminated disease or type of cancer.

A single modality, surgery or radiotherapy, can treat cancer like breast cancer and lung cancer in earlier stages. The more advanced or complex diseases will need systemic therapy (chemotherapy/targeted therapy), while metastatic disease & blood cancers are treated uniquely, i.e., not in combination by such systemic treatment. 

Best cancer hospital in India for advanced Treatment – Top Cancer hospitals in India are equipped with world-class healthcare treatment facilities and techniques and deliver high success rates while curing cancer detected in an early stage. The next evolution is developing indigenous methods of delivering CAR-T cells, immunotherapies, and molecularly targeted therapies and using them in the right combination and sequence to extend the quality and quantity of life meaningfully for patients with advanced solid tumors. Various cancer hospitals in India also offer free cancer treatment, high-quality counseling, and free treatment follow-ups. Hospitals and their research centers also carry out wide-ranging research on finding new ways to cure cancer disease. 

The Cancer hospital in India you choose must have –

· Hospital should be equipped with state-of-the-art machines and experienced & qualified oncology specialist, surgeons, and staff 

· Clinical trial-based treatment for patients to find better cures and treatments for cancer.

· 24*7 availability of emergency services, pharmacy, ambulance, blood bank access, attendance staff, etc.

· Hospitals should be fortified with the most delicate machinery like the Da Vinci Robot. The Da Vinci Robot is considered a highly accurate machine-assisted surgical tool, making the surgery way more accurate.

· Use of Advanced Therapy and Proton therapy is a non-invasive and pain-free radiation machine that has no side effects and ensures effective and Hussle free treatment. 

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